*About Us

*Twenty years of Organic

Mediterranea Bio Veg was founded in 1993 as one of the first cruelty-free, plant-based,
organic protein food producing companies in Italy. The love for our planet and our environment inspired us to offer a valid alternative to animal protein consumption, without compromising taste. The ongoing research for top quality raw ingredients and the careful selection of suppliers during the past two decades allow us to offer certified organic products without harmful chemicals. Our recipes have been improved and perfected in our kitchens, pursuing balance between tastiness and nutrition.The patient artisanal processes allow us to monitor every production step to create a unique product that combines the full authentic taste of Italian cooking with vegetarian recipes. An array of ready-made, balanced, tasty, Mediterranean dishes. Knowing that “we are what we eat”, we have always been against GMOs. We only use non-GMO, certified organic raw ingredients whose quality is monitored by deputed laboratories. Our food is ready to be paired with seasonal vegetables or be used as a base to express your creativity.